The Dog Particle

Some search for the tiniest of particles which may lead them on a journey over decades. Some adventure to dangerous places like in Netflix Dark Tourist. Others spend their days researching the details of a forgotten time.

Should we all have these ambitions or is any drive enough. Is the search of pleasure and contentment what is really about?

If your life starts and ends with a love of sun worshipping or rock climbing, who are we to judge.

But what if you don’t know what you want or how to feel about your life?

I recently lost a pet, should I say family member. This cat lived with me, sorry, my cat let me live in his house with my wife. I didn’t realise until he wasn’t there how much my mental health relied on him.

This got me thinking about our relationships with animals. Humans and animals have relied on each other for centuries. As food, allies and companions.

You would see paintings of explorers with there faithful dog by their side. Police with their four legged partner. Farmers with Shep, controlling the flock.

The farmers cat keeping down the rat population. But is this just a work relationship?

So when these people with the drive of discovery get home, do they need a dog to work for them. No.

But, what if it’s because of this relationship they are able to relax, concentrate and even let go from time to time. Our pets are more important then most give them credit. Would half of the discoveries made have even have happened without a way to switch off or unwind. And how many of those were due to animals being there for us at home.

Without my family friend I do feel life is a struggle. What discoveries or freedoms am I missing out on because he is no longer in my life. All I can be sure of is, they are not pets but family members, supportive friends, mental health support. Even if they don’t work for you, they help you every day, in their own little way.

Please support dogs for the blind, helper dogs, hospital dogs, reading dogs and mental health dogs whenever you can.

Please remember, cats don’t care, they put up with us, we have food. We are here for then. They are bastards, but we love them and them us in their own way.

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