The Darkness Abyss

You are happy, oh so happy. You are satisfied, content. Things are going your way.

But in the deepest part of your brain, there is a tiny dark particle. This particle does not feed on sadness or you going through a bad time. It feeds on pieces of insecurity and sometimes nothing.

You wake one morning and for no reason you feel meh! The feeling of overwhelming sadness. The feeling that things have become to much.

Yet in truth none of this is the case. The brain becomes imbalanced and circuits that fired before have become slow and unresponsive.

The task of getting out of bed or walking around becomes a marathon, something that was second nature before.

The dark particle becomes larger if not kept in check. Mechanisms need to be in place and a strong social circle to support the sudden changes in your brain.

Ignoring the symptoms and keeping busy will work for a short time but involving your social circle can often help you early to avoid prolonged symptoms.

But a medical professional should always be contacted for help and advice if your symptoms persist or become a dark stone instead of a small particle.

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