EU Exit

The European Union have decided to leave the British Empire,

The 27 countries have decided to leave the common wealth,

They had a vote on the agreement but didn’t really explain how Great Britain was,

The president of the EU is insisting that divorcing the empire means divorcing the empire,

Despite only half the EU MPs agreeing to leave by a slim margin,

According to some getting rid of the empire will mean better democracy,

Some say that the money invested in the empire could be spent on countries that need more help,

Some even say that leaving the empire will mean more skilled workers for the EU,

One said it will stop those people coming here and using Europe as a toilet,

One bloke helped the EU to vote leave by drinking beer and lying,

Another took advantage of people’s fear and misunderstanding,

Buses drove across the nations with various slogans and snippets,

Most were false or over exaggerating claims and numbers,

Germany spent the time stating the empire took away all our sovereignty,

France accused the empire of using it as a holiday retreat,

Spain had enough of the mass migration of brits and how they buy up all their homes,

Some EU MPs voted to leave to show the current president they are dissatisfied,

While others didn’t get to vote as they had not been in the EU long enough,

Article 50.1 Brit was put into play with no plan,

Years on and Europe is in constant arguments with no decision,

Mean while the empire tries to negotiate while looking on confused,

The president is losing control and has provided a definition of madness,

While extreme right politicians continue to lie and cheat their way through life,

The empire waits for the outcome of the turbulent journey,

While preparing its self for a future without the 27,

If this was the story that had run the past three years,

Could we see it all in a different light and decide to be one Europe,

Or have the fears and blame and hate,

Become to much to deep to take.